Assassins Of The Dead- Young Adult Fantasy/Paranormal

Book 1: Dark Blade


Book 2: Dragon Touched



Dragon Blood- Young Adult Urban Fantasy (with elements of romance)

(5 book series)

Book 1: Pliethin


Book 2: Wyvern


Book 3: Surety


Book 4: Knight


Book 5: Mage



Dragon Blood Chronicles- Young Adult Urban Fantasy (with elements of romance)

(Companion series to Dragon Blood)

Book 1: Oath



Mark Of Kings- Children’s Fantasy

(4 book series)

Book 1: The Arena


Book 2: The Island


Book 3: The Assassin


Book 4: The King



Rosie’s Rangers- Young Adult Western Steampunk

Book 1: Justice


Book 2: Vengeance


Book 3: Treachery



Stand Alone Series

Demon Hunters- Young Adult Urban Fantasy/Horror (with elements of romance)

Book 1: Blood Sacrifice


Book 2: Retribution


Book 3: Tainted


Book 4: Premonition


Book 5: Cursed



Fairytales Retold (Short Stories)



Beauty And The Beast


Sleeping Beauty


Snow-White And Rose-Red


The Death Of Koshchei The Deathless

The Frog Prince


The Golden Bird


The Light Princess


The Twelve Brothers



Myths and Legends Retold (Short Stories)

Ion, Son Of Apollo


Sir Gawain And The Maid With The Narrow Sleeves


Princess Ilse, The Giant’s Daughter



Plea Of The Damned- Young Adult Urban Fantasy/Paranormal

Book 1: Forgive Me Lucy


Book 2: Forgive Me Aiden


Book 3: Forgive Me Jena


Book 4: Forgive Me Kobe



Realms Of The Fae- Young Adult Urban Fantasy (with elements of romance)

The Sword (short story- Like A Girl Anthology)

Heart Of Stone

Only available to subscribers.

Book 1: A Debt Owed


Book 2: Marked By The Hunt


Book 3: The Magic Collector



Young Adult Novels

Young Adult Fantasy (with elements of romance)

Earth Bound


Elf Sight



Young Adult Urban Fantasy

Stone Warrior (with elements of romance)


The Jungle Inside



Young Adult Contemporary (with elements of romance)

Perfect Little Princess


Through Your Eyes


The Ugly Stepsister



Young Adult Contemporary/Paranormal

Over Too Soon (with elements of romance)


Whispers In The Dark (with elements of romance and same sex relationships)



Young Adult Sci-Fi

An Endless Dawn

Experiment X-One-Six (Urban Sci-Fi/Superheroes)



Children’s Books

Dragon Lord (Preteen/early teens) (Fantasy)


The Irish Wizard (Upper middle grade) (Urban Fantasy)



Short Stories

Urban Fantasy

Dealings With Joe

Eternally Late

Glimpses (That Moment When Anthology)




A Year Of Weekly Writing Exercises (Creative Writing)


Cooking For Families With Allergies (Cooking)