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Dragon Lord

Dragon Lord

Genre: Children’s Fantasy (Preteen/early teens)

Word Count: 48,230

AR: 4

In a world ruled by those who own dragons it is almost impossible to change your station in life. Fen is an orphan with a short life expectancy and no hope for the future. In the process of trying to steal a dragon for his master, Fen’s life looks like it’s going to become even shorter. He’s faced with a difficult decision. Should he risk everything, including his blood boiling in his veins, for the chance of a future or remain with his corrupt master.

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The Irish Wizard

The Irish Wizard

Genre: Children’s Urban Fantasy (Upper Middle Grade)

Word Count: 24,014

AR: 3

Thirteen-year-old Hailey spends far too much time following her older brother, Lachlan, into trouble. When her entire world changes she thinks at first it’s something Lachlan has caused. But surely magic is beyond him, even though he’s always wanted to be a wizard.

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Mark Of Kings 1

Mark Of Kings 1: The Arena

Genre: Children’s Fantasy

Word Count: 14,791

AR: 4

Shen was separated from his family during a volcanic eruption when he was three-years-old. No one has ever come forward to claim him, but he refuses to believe he’s an orphan. Trained to be a sword fighter at an Arena, he uses the Battle Circuit to travel the country looking for clues about his family. All he has is a gold medallion known as the ‘Mark Of Kings’.

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Mark Of Kings 2

Mark Of Kings 2: The Island

Genre: Children’s Fantasy

Word Count: 12,238

AR: 4

Continuing to use the Battle Circuit as a way to travel in his search for his family, Shen returns to the place where it all began. The Island. An important clue is discovered, but disaster strikes and the journey he’s waited years to make, may need to be delayed.

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Mark Of Kings 3

Mark Of Kings 3: The Assassin

Genre: Children’s Fantasy

Word Count: 11,364

AR: 4

Shen continues to search for the family he lost eleven years ago during a volcanic eruption. Following the trail of a scarred man believed to be associated with his family, Shen soon finds out things are more complicated than he’d thought and he doesn’t know who to trust or what to believe.

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Mark Of Kings 4

Mark Of Kings 4: The King

Genre: Children’s Fantasy

Word Count: 10,490

AR: 4

Shen needs to journey far from all he’s known, leaving behind the Arena and Battle Circuit, in his quest to find the family he hasn’t seen since he was three-years-old. He doesn’t know what he’ll find, who he can trust or if his family still lives. But it’s the only way he can find the answers he seeks.

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