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The Brat Next Door
Published January 2018

Genre: Contemporary Short Story

Word Count: 7530

AR: 3

Trying not to be late to school, once again, Taylor almost ignores the noise in the garden shed. Thinking it’s probably Lucas playing a trick on her, even though he’s never played one on her before, she nearly walks away. He’s notorious for them. But what if it isn’t? What if it’s something far more sinister?

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Forgive Me Kobe is available at the following retailers:
Plea Of The Damned 4: Forgive Me Kobe
Published December 2017

Genre: Young Adult Urban Fantasy/Paranormal.

Word Count: 21,178

AR: 3

In an effort to salvage a friendship, Kobe turns up at school after dark. Things rapidly go wrong and he’s held at gunpoint, along with his friend Xavier, fearing he’ll lose more than a friendship. When a ghost offers to help, Kobe doesn’t know if he’s lost his mind, has already died or if ghosts might actually be real. And if ghosts are real, how can one help him and Xavier escape from the gunmen?

Dragon Touched is available at the following retailers:
Assassins Of The Dead 2: Dragon Touched
Published November 2017

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy/Paranormal.

AR: 4

Meikah, Kellan, Livia and Rafe travel to the Arcton Mountains when an assassin comes asking for help. A vampire holding is overrun by zombies. But it’s not the bandits and necromancers that most fear in the area. It’s the dragons and their nesting grounds. Cross a dragon and they never forget. And certainly never forgive. In an area known for its myths, legends and dangers you need to stay vigilant if you want to survive.

Cooking For Families With Allergies is available at the following retailers:         
 Cooking For Families With Allergies
Recipes Free From Gluten, Dairy and Cane Sugar
Published October 2017

Genre: Nonfiction (Cooking)

When choosing or needing to have a diet free from gluten, dairy and cane sugar, main meals tend to be easy to make. Biscuits, cakes and desserts can be another matter. Missing chocolate? Wanting strawberry ice cream? Enjoy ginger cake? Well you can find these recipes and many others in Cooking For Families With Allergies along with a handful of savoury recipes too.

*   *   *

Avril and Storm plan to add more recipes to this book in the future. No recipes currently in the book will be altered. Both know how annoying it can be when a recipe, you’ve grown to love, is changed. Any variations on the current recipes will be listed as variations.

The date for the latest version will be listed on Avril’s website and in the blurb on retailer websites so you will know if your copy needs updating. Retailers generally do not charge for updates so all future recipes are included in the initial price of your ebook.

***Latest Version: 18th October 2017***


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