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Assassins Of The Dead 1: Dark Blade
Published May 2017

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy/Paranormal

World Count: 39,398

AR: 4

Meikah’s family are templars, as far from necromancers as it’s possible to be. When she learns that not only can she see the dead, but also wield magic, she fears what the future holds. She doesn’t want to become a necromancer, or a dark blade, but there seems to be few choices now available to her. It doesn’t help that people have begun to treat her like she’s an evil necromancer and rumours have started. Nor does she believe Kellan when he says she belongs with the Assassins Of The Dead. They seem to be a mismatched group that include nobles, an assassin, a sorcerer, a shapeshifter and a vampire. Not at all like templars. And if she was to join them, the rumours will never end and her family might actually disown her.

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Demon Hunters 5: Cursed
Published April 2017

Genre: YA Urban Fantasy/Horror (with elements of romance). Stand Alone Series.

AR: 4

After running into Luca, Penelope gets out of her car, worried he’s hurt. When he tells her she’s now his master and he’s a genie, or a jinn as he says, she wants to put as much distance as possible between them. He’s obviously insane. Others believe he’s a genie, even though Penelope doesn’t. They’re willing to do anything to end her life so they can become Luca’s master, including summoning demons.


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Realms Of The Fae 3: The Magic Collector
Published March 2017

Genre: Young Adult Urban Fantasy

World Count: 53,204

AR: 4

Summer is meant to look after her brother and keep him out of trouble. That’s a little hard to do when they find themselves in the realms of the Fae where she can’t keep herself out of trouble. Hunted by a Demi Fae and needing to break a curse, Summer fears she’ll never find her way home. The Fae are meant to be stories for children. Not something to fear.

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Fairytales Retold: The Death Of Koshchei The Deathless
Published February 2017

Genre: Fairytales Retold Short Story.

Word Count: 11,602

AR: 3

When Koshchei escapes, Prince Ivan has to find a way to outwit him or never see the one he loves again. How can he outwit a sorcerer who has managed to trick Baba Yaga, a witch so few have fooled?