New Releases

An Endless Dawn is available at the following retailer:
An Endless Dawn
Published September 2017

Genre: Young Adult Post Apocalyptic Sc-fi.

Word Count: 52,182

AR: 4

The beginning of a new dawn.

When an alien life form is discovered and brought back to Earth, the possibilities seem endless. Piper is fascinated from the beginning, wanting to know everything about the plant and desperate to own one when a limited amount are released to the public. There are of course the usual rumours and crazy people who preach that the end of the world is coming. But Piper knows better. It’s the most monumental discovery and somehow she’ll become part of it.


Oath is available at the following retailer:
Dragon Blood Chronicles 1: Oath
Published August 2017

Companion series to Dragon Blood.

Genre: Young Adult Urban Fantasy

Word Count: 51,471

AR: 4

Sometimes you fight hardest against what you need most.

When Claire and her father move to a new house, she refuses to believe the rumours about Roy, the boy next door. It doesn’t take her long to realise she should have listened. She’s thrown into a world where only the strong survive, discovering a secret Roy has spent his life fighting against. She’s determined to not only survive, but find her place in the dangerous world of dragons, Mages and Knights.


Princess Ilse is available at the following retailer:
Myths And Legends Retold: Princess Ilse, The Giant’s Daughter
Published July 2017

Genre: Myths and Legends Retold Short Story (Norse).

Word Count: 2,668

AR: 3

Ilse’s father is willing to do anything to keep her from the man she loves. She doesn’t care he’s a mortal. She’s willing to do anything to prevent her father from keeping them apart. Although things aren’t going exactly the way she’d hoped.


Treachery is available at the following retailer:
Rosie’s Rangers 3: Treachery
Published June 2017

Genre: Young Adult Western Steampunk.

Word Count: 64,692

AR: 4

In a world where the law is often more corrupt than those breaking it, sometimes you have to take justice into your own hands.

Asa’s cousin, Mila Bloodstriker, turns up on Rosie’s doorstep seeking help. Asa’s father is missing. One blood shaman, in a country that would hang them on sight, is a bad idea. Two could risk all their lives. There are very few clues and what little they learn indicates they might already be too late. But how can Rosie refuse to help Asa find his father? No matter the danger she faces.