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Guardians Of The Round Table 3: Singed Feathers
Published November 2018

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy LitRPG.

Authors: Avril Sabine, Storm Petersen, Rhys Petersen.

While focusing on completing some of their quests, Mallory and her companions travel to new locations, face various creatures, meet more people and discover new information. Something they learn the hard way. As they’ve been warned, their actions have consequences. Will those consequences be more dangerous than they expected?

Singed Feathers is available at the following retailers:

Assassins Of The Dead 3: Society Against Vampires
Published October 2018

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy/Paranormal.

Word Count: 41863

Some heroes work in the shadows, only their deeds remembered.

The Society Against Vampires are in Dreyton and vampires are going missing. Meikah is determined to do something about it before Rafe gets hurt. She’s been warned they have to work within the law, that some of the members are nobles and without proof they can’t pay for their crimes. Will they gain the proof needed before more innocent vampires go missing or is the society too well organised and impossible to catch?

Society Against Vampires is available at the following retailer:

Dragon Blood Chronicles 2: Betrayed
Published August 2018

Genre: Young Adult Urban Fantasy.

Word Count: 63,379

When one of the few people Morgane trusts is taken from her, all she should be able to think of is revenge. Not the pain of losing them. As a Gold Dragon, she can’t show weakness. That will get her killed. Is she more human, than dragon, like her mother has always accused? When it comes to survival of the fittest, being compared to a human can make other dragons see you as an easy target. And that isn’t something she’s going to let happen. The only problem is, she has no idea how to prevent it.

Betrayed is available at the following retailer:
Guardians Of The Round Table 2: Goblin Boots
Published August 2018

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy LitRPG.

Word Count: 57,653

Authors: Avril Sabine, Storm Petersen and Rhys Petersen.

Returning to Inadon, Mallory and her companions are determined to level up, gain better gear and learn new abilities. They soon discover it might be more difficult than they realise when they encounter members of the dark forces. Will their actions have the wrong consequences or will they have time to gain the experience points they need before they become a target of the dark forces?

Goblin Boots is available at the following retailers:


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