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Rosie’s Rangers 4: Accused
Published June 2018

Genre: Young Adult Western Steampunk.

Word Count: 59,215

AR: 4

In a world where the law is often more corrupt than those breaking it, sometimes you have to take justice into your own hands.

Someone from Caz’s past begs him for help. Rosie isn’t about to let him go on his own. Who knows what someone from his past is capable of. Caz is adamant they’re innocent. Rosie isn’t so sure, but she does know they need to find out who the culprit is before another innocent person dies.

Accused is available at the following retailer:


Guardians Of The Round Table 1: Dexterity Fail
Published May 2018

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy LitRPG.

Authors: Avril Sabine, Storm Petersen and Rhys Petersen.

AR: 4

Mallory’s brother brings home the wrong game disc. His latest disaster doesn’t surprise her one little bit. What does surprise her is being transported to a role playing style world when they check out the plain black disc. When you’re a noob in a world you don’t understand, death is always imminent. They aren’t sure if they want to leave Inadon, even if they can figure out a way to return home. But they do know they need to either get good or they’re likely to learn what happens when a player runs out of revives.

Dexterity Fail is available at the following retailers:


On The Horizon Boxset
Published May 2018

Genre: A mix of fantasy and science fiction set in low tech worlds.

A collection of 22 Fantasy and Science Fiction full novels from an international cast of bestselling authors. This action-packed boxset features strong-willed individuals in unusual and exciting settings. Encounter queens, witches, wizards, werewolves, shifters, angels, dragons, or shadowy nemeses. Stories are character driven and set in worlds with low or no technology. You will follow their journeys to discover magical worlds, encounter dystopian lands, space stations, and galaxies they never dreamed of before their adventures. Join us On the Horizon for these deadly and dangerous quests filled with thrilling action and adventure!

Avril’s story: Assassins Of The Dead 1: Dark Blade (including bonus chapter).


On The Horizon is available at the following retailers:


Demon Hunters 6: Feud
Published April 2018

Genre: Young Adult Urban Fantasy/Horror (with elements of romance). Stand Alone Series.

Word Count: 54,145

AR: 4

Aura spends a ridiculous amount of time rescuing her mum from dangerous situations. This one would have to be the worst. More dangerous than the serial killer episode. And for once, it isn’t her mum’s fault. Not that it makes the situation any less dangerous or the chance of her survival any greater. Demons are real and they want her family dead. She’s determined not to let that happen. Now if only she can come up with a sensible plan. One that will allow her and her family to live.

Feud is available at the following retailer:

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