Short Stories

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Dealings With Joe

Dealings with Joe

Genre: Urban Fantasy Short Story.

Word Count: 2,497

AR: 3

Scott has no idea how to solve any of the numerous problems filling his life. Then he meets Joe who offers a unique solution. He’s not certain Joe can help because the offer sounds a little too good to be true.

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Eternally Late

Eternally Late

Genre: Urban Fantasy Short Story.

Word Count: 2,877

AR: 3

Tony is always late and his family have all kinds of tricks to keep him on time. But there are some things that just have to be done, no matter how late they make you or how dangerous they are.

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Fairytales Retold: Aschenputtel (Cinderella)

Genre: Fairytales Retold

World Count: 8,040

AR: 3

When Aschenputtel’s mother dies, her father marries a woman with two daughters of her own. They treat her like a servant and she’s left to sleep on the hearth amongst the ashes, her only friend a little bird that nests in the hazel tree, which grew at her mother’s grave. When the king throws a feast to find his son a bride, Aschenputtel begs to attend. Her family answers her with taunts and impossible tasks. She’s determined to complete them so she can attend the feast.

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Beauty And The Beast

Fairytales Retold: Beauty And The Beast

Genre: Fairytales Retold Short Story.

Word Count: 11,335

AR: 3

Unable to believe her family’s fortunes have changed, Belle asks her father to bring her a rose when he returns home. The rose brings more troubles to their family. The beast it belonged to demands either her father’s life or one of his daughters. Belle can’t let her father die, but she’s terrified of facing the beast.

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Sleeping Beauty

Fairytales Retold: Sleeping Beauty

Genre: Fairytales Retold Short Story.

Word Count: 12,259

AR: 3

While searching for adventure, Prince Philip stumbles across a castle surrounded by an impenetrable thorny hedge. He learns it’s the home of Briar Rose, a princess cursed to sleep for a hundred years. The curse can only to be broken by true love’s kiss. He fears it might be an impossible curse to break and yet he’s compelled to attempt it anyway.

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Fairytales Retold: Snow-White And Rose-Red

Genre: Fairytales Retold Short Story

Word Count: 10,730

AR: 3

Snow-White and Rose-Red live with their widowed mother in a cottage in the middle of a forest. One winter’s night a bear knocks on their door wanting to come in and warm himself at their fire.

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Fairytales Retold: The Death Of Koshchei The Deathless

Genre: Fairytales Retold Short Story.

Word Count: 11,602

AR: 3

When Koshchei escapes, Prince Ivan has to find a way to outwit him or never see the one he loves again. How can he outwit a sorcerer who has managed to trick Baba Yaga, a witch so few have fooled?

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The Light Princess

Fairytales Retold: The Light Princess

Genre: Fairytales Retold Short Story

Word Count: 9,510

AR: 3

In a quest to find a bride, Prince Ruairidh stumbles upon The Light Princess, a completely inappropriate bride with an unbreakable spell upon her. He hears rumours that it was her aunt, Princess Makemnoit, who put the spell on her, but no one knows for certain. The Light Princess would make no one a suitable bride, least of all a prince. But when she’s in the lake there’s something about her that intrigues Prince Ruairidh and he can’t help wanting to spend more time with her.

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FR The Frog Prince

Fairytales Retold: The Frog Prince

Genre: Fairytales Retold Short Story

Word Count: 5,845

AR: 3

Escaping insincere condolences, Calandra wanders far from home and comes across a spring. Losing her golden ball in the spring she fears it’s lost forever. A frog fetches it for her in exchange for a promise she’s forced to keep.

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The Golden Bird

Fairytales Retold: The Golden Bird

Genre: Fairytales Retold

Word Count: 12,118

AR: 3

As the head gardener, Lenard’s father must find out who is stealing the fruit from the king’s golden apple tree. Neither of his older brothers have been able to discover the culprit and Lenard wants his chance to prove himself. Instead his family continue to treat him like the sickly child he once was. Someone needs to solve the mystery because no matter how fair and just a king is, it’s never good to fail them.

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The Twelve Brothers

Fairytales Retold: The Twelve Brothers

Genre: Fairytales Retold Short Story

Word Count: 14,040

AR: 3

When Princess Ilsa discovers that she has twelve older brothers she is determined to meet them. Their father has declared they should die and, unknowingly, Ilsa places them in mortal danger by seeking them out.

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Myths and Legends Retold: Ion, Son Of Apollo

Genre: Myths and Legends Retold Short Story (Greek).

Word Count: 4,918

AR: 3

Ion was raised by the Delphic priestess after being abandoned on the temple steps. He grows up believing Apollo favours him, but when he learns Apollo wants him to leave behind the only life he’s ever known, and the woman who has raised him, he wishes he could reject the path Apollo has chosen for him. But the gods can be both kind and cruel and he wouldn’t be the only one who suffers if he refuses. Unknown to Ion, the path Apollo sets him on could uncover secrets from his past. Secrets that if they’d been discovered when he was born would have had led to his death.

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MLR Gawain

Myths And Legends Retold: Sir Gawain And The Maid With The Narrow Sleeves

Genre: Myths And Legends Retold

Word Count: 6,963

AR: 3

During his journey, Sir Gawain is unable to join a tourney due to more pressing matters. Falsely accused, he’s defended by a young girl sorely in need of help. As a knight he’s sworn to protect the defenceless, but doing so could jeopardise his own affairs.

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