Behind The Scenes

Sometimes I need to do some rather unique research. There aren’t many people who can tell you how big a circle you can make with human ashes. So I pushed the furniture to one end of my kitchen to figure it out. And before anyone starts to panic, I didn’t use real human ashes, but I did try and find something close in texture. This is my kitchen with a potbelly stove on one side, a fridge on the other and the ‘lovely’ paintings my son did on the lino when he was a toddler. Amongst it all is the circle of ‘ashes’ used by two of my characters. With the help of my kids, I recreated a scene from Over Too Soon, checking that what I envisioned was possible. (Update: This is the kitchen of the first dwelling on our property. We have built another dwelling since this photo was taken.)

The Ashes          The Circle

I even get to draw on my kids with marker pens all in the name of research. Sometimes you can see something very clearly in your mind, but it’s always good to confirm in reality what it would look like. I didn’t have the correct colour pen, but I was able to get a close enough idea of what the image should look like.

Demon Touched          Demon Touched

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