Dragon Blood

Dragons exist. They have the ability to shapeshift into human form and walk amongst us. Anyone could be one. For those who discover this truth life becomes extremely precarious and only a few survive the encounter.


DB01 Pliethin

Dragon Blood 1: Pliethin

Genre: Young Adult Urban Fantasy

Word Count: 57,263

AR: 4

Sixteen-year-old Amber’s life, that was once completely normal, is dramatically changed when she is forced to move to a small Queensland town west of Brisbane. Suddenly dragons are no longer creatures of myth. Amber becomes caught up in their world of clans, survival of the fittest, ancient traditions, dangerous enemies and dragon warriors.

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DB02 Wyvern

Dragon Blood 2: Wyvern

Genre: Young Adult Urban Fantasy

Word Count: 57,087

AR: 4

Amber struggles to keep up with the constantly changing alliances amongst dragons and is worried Ronan, an ancient dragon, might not keep his end of the bargain they’d made. Life is filled with secrets and sometimes Amber just wants to get away from it all, which makes her jump at the chance to visit dragon lands. Her relief over the visit and not needing to temporarily live a lie is ruined when she learns someone wants her dead. And they’re willing to pay her weight in gold to make their wish come true.

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DB03 Surety

Dragon Blood 3: Surety

Genre: Young Adult Urban Fantasy

Word Count: 55,355

AR: 4

Amber learns that her family has a more interesting past than even she could have imagined. That past is now creating problems for her. Negotiations, attacks by an unknown enemy and her mother discovering some of her secrets causes even more complications. The only thing that hasn’t changed is that someone wants her dead. She needs to find out who it is before they can succeed and she doesn’t get the chance to live long enough to figure out how to solve all her other problems.

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DB04 Knight

Dragon Blood 4: Knight

Genre: Young Adult Urban Fantasy

Word Count: 56,052

AR: 4

Amber is starting to feel that her list of enemies is growing longer by the minute. Those she cares about are threatened and during a surprise attack she fears one of them is killed, but is unable to reach their side. Her life is spinning out of control, there are too many people she desperately wants to keep safe, but she can’t be with all of them at once. There’s only one of her and so many of them. It’s tearing her apart.

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DB05 Mage

Dragon Blood 5: Mage

Genre: Young Adult Urban Fantasy

Word Count: 55,356

AR: 4

Amber wants to take back control of her life. She’s fed up with assassins, death threats, unrealistic expectations, nightmares and secrets. The secrets most of all. Especially Ronan’s secrets and in particular his secret that she knows will scare the hell out of her and will probably never let her have another moment of peace. Maybe some secrets shouldn’t be told.

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Dragon Blood Chronicles

Companion series to Dragon Blood

Learn a little more about some of the other characters in the Dragon Blood series as well as meet some new characters who either stumble onto the world of dragons or have always been a part of it, determined to survive.


Dragon Blood Chronicles 1: Oath

Genre: Young Adult Urban Fantasy

AR: 4

Sometimes you fight hardest against what you need most.

When Claire and her father move to a new house, she refuses to believe the rumours about Roy, the boy next door. It doesn’t take her long to realise she should have listened. She’s thrown into a world where only the strong survive, discovering a secret Roy has spent his life fighting against. She’s determined to not only survive, but find her place in the dangerous world of dragons, Mages and Knights.

Dragon Blood Chronicles 1: Oath is available at the following retailer:

Coming 2018

Dragon Blood Chronicles 2

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