Realms Of The Fae

Although the Fae struggle to remain in our world with its iron that causes pain and sickness there are many hidden entrances and portals into the realms of the Fae. Some are guarded, others aren’t. Some humans deliberately enter them, others stumble through. But all who enter should take care. The Fae aren’t the friendly creatures of childhood tales.



Realms Of The Fae 1: A Debt Owed

Genre: Young Adult Urban Fantasy

World Count: 53,760

AR: 4

Melody’s mum made a bargain with the Fae twenty years ago, but she’s the one who ends up paying for it. Somehow she has to survive nearly a year in the realms of the Fae, until her eighteenth birthday, without getting more entangled in their world and unable to ever leave it. The Fae can be vindictive, manipulative and retaliate at the smallest slight, often using your greatest fears against you. Melody needs to make sure they never learn how terrified she is of spiders, particularly when helping a Fae knight brings her to the attention of his enemies, the arachnid people.

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Realms Of The Fae 2: Marked By The Hunt

Genre: Young Adult Urban Fantasy

Word Count: 75,810

AR: 4

When Quinn’s sister disappears she follows her, ending up in the realms of the Fae. Stuck in a strange world and constantly surrounded by danger, she has to figure out how to rescue her sister and return home, while trying not to catch the attention of a vindictive Fae. Somehow she needs to do all of that as well as avoid the Wild Hunt, a pack of Fae and demi Fae and their overly large wolves, which spend their nights hunting those marked to die. Quinn isn’t sure she’s up to the challenge. She fears no human would be.

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Buy ‘Marked By The Hunt’┬ápaperback on Amazon.


Realms Of The Fae 3: The Magic Collector

Genre: Young Adult Urban Fantasy

World Count: 53,204

AR: 4

Summer is meant to look after her brother and keep him out of trouble. That’s a little hard to do when they find themselves in the realms of the Fae where she can’t keep herself out of trouble. Hunted by a Demi Fae and needing to break a curse, Summer fears she’ll never find her way home. The Fae are meant to be stories for children. Not something to fear.

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