Blood Sacrifice: Free For Five Days Only

Blood Sacrifice, the first novel in the stand-alone Demon Hunters Series, is currently free on Amazon for five days only. Download this ebook here.

Demon Hunters 1: Blood Sacrifice (Stand Alone Series)

Genre: YA Urban Fantasy/Horror (with elements of romance).

Word Count: 55300

Everyone knows about stranger danger. Never talk to a stranger. Don’t take candy from a stranger. And no matter what, never, ever accept a ride from a stranger. In a moment of anger at her parents, eighteen year old Alyssa ignored these basic rules. Now she’s facing the most terrifying situation of her life. A world of demons, sacrifices and swords suddenly becomes her reality. Not many people survive demon encounters and Alyssa fears she might not either.


Demon Hunters 2: Retribution coming in 2014.