Demanding Manuscripts

There are some manuscripts that demand to be written. Whispers In The Dark is one of those. The first draft was completed in twenty days. Now that might not sound like a long time to write 64,500 words, but I slept very little during that time. After putting in long hours during the day, I’d collapse into bed thinking I’d well and truly earned a good night sleep. The story had other plans. I’d be dragged from a restful sleep an hour or two later by the next scene invading my dreams, demanding I get up and write it. Ignoring it was impossible.

After another few hours at the computer I’d check the time and think, yeah, I reckon I could get another couple of hours sleep before I have to face the day. Of course that plan would work out as well as my earlier attempt to get some sleep. Sometimes I’d no sooner close my eyes, falling instantly asleep, only to be disturbed by the next scene, in vivid colour. I’d be dragged from sleep, the memory of the dream that had delivered the scene fresh in my mind.

Shelby and Cameron wanted their story told. They didn’t care if I got any sleep. Their story is nearly finished, just receiving its final polish before it will be available on Amazon this month, but they are two characters that I will occasionally think back on, along with some of the other characters from the story.

Whispers In The Dark is a contemporary paranormal with a bit of thriller and gothic romance thrown in. I hope you find it as compelling to read as I found it to write. I would love to hear what you think of it.