Beta Testing For Elder Scrolls Online

I have played the Elder Scrolls games for years. Over a decade actually. So to be able to beta test is a pretty big thing for me. And not only am I getting to play ESO this weekend, but my boys are too. There’s nothing like gaming as a group.

As always, I’ve been impressed with the world. The scenery is magical and you can almost imagine you’re there. The only downside I’ve found so far is the need to complete a quest to move onto the next land, but for those of us who love questing that’s not a downside at all. I know everyone won’t agree. Yes, I’m looking at you, General. Not everything is about the battle. Although the battle is fun too.

I have to say that once again ESO certainly hasn’t disappointed me. I love this game and every time an Elder Scrolls game has come out I’ve complained that I wished it was co-op. I guess I can quit complaining now and get back to exploring and battling a few more enemies.

ESO- Distracted By The Scenery

When you get distracted by the scenery and your group leaves without you, don’t panic. There’s arrows that will lead you back to them.

ESO- Rainy Day

There’s still heaps to do and plenty to explore even when the rest of your group goes offline.

More screenshots to come later.


ESO- Loading Screens

Even the loading screens are amazing and have awesome detail. It’s not often that I think a loading screen is replaced by the game too quickly, but there were times when the picture was so interesting that I wanted to look at it longer.

ESO- Mudcrabs

It was nice to see there is still mudcrabs to train on. It wouldn’t have been Elder Scrolls without them.

ESO- Fantastic Scenery

There was so much to explore that it would probably take months to see the entire world. I spent a lot of time checking out unusual areas and wandering off into the wilderness to discover interesting places.