The Twelve Brothers

I’ve been having a great time rereading fairytales, choosing which ones I want to retell. There are so many that I enjoy, ones that bring back memories of the first time I read them. And not only of reading them, but of my own plotting and planning of the parts of the stories that I felt needed more answers. Today the second story in my Retold Fairytales becomes available on Amazon. The Twelve Brothers.

I remember the first time I read this story. I had so many questions about the king and queen. Why didn’t they want to protect their children? All of them. The tale never said. I needed a reason for the decision they made. One important enough to make them think they only had that one option. What would have driven them to choose the path they took? After discarding numerous ideas, I finally found the one I felt was strong enough to force them towards the choice they made.