Dragon Blood 1: Pliethin

DB01 Pliethin

Dragon Blood 1: Pliethin can be pre-ordered on Amazon and is available shortly. Talking to many readers, I discovered I wasn’t the only person who liked to wait until an entire series is available before I start to read it. Or at least due out soon. Unless of course it is a stand alone series and then I don’t mind waiting or even reading them in any order. When it is a continuing series, I want to know what happens. I don’t want to wait a year, or even years, particularly if I’ve become completely immersed in the lives of the characters.

The rest of the books in Dragon Blood will be out by March 2015. Like Pliethin, the other four books are about shapeshifting dragons, ever changing alliances between dragon clans and a world where survival of the fittest is often taken to the extreme. As a human amongst powerful dragons life is extremely precarious and Amber faces many challenges as she tries to survive in the dangerous world she stumbles into.

You can find Dragon Blood 1: Pliethin on Amazon.

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    1. They will eventually be available in print. Some of my earlier novels are currently going through the process of becoming print editions.

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