Dragon Blood Series

DB01 Pliethin   DB02 Wyvern   DB03 Surety

My Dragon Blood series is nearly finished. Only a couple of things to check over before the final two books in the series are available on Amazon for pre-order. Here are excerpts from books two, three and four. A small taste of what’s to come.


Dragon Blood 2: Wyvern

It had to be a trick. Ronan had to be planning something. “Why would someone want me dead?”

“Not just you. All Dragon Mages. But you’re first on the list.”

Amber could have sworn her heart stopped for several seconds before it began racing out of control. She stumbled backwards until she could sit on the closed lid of the toilet. Her legs suddenly felt like they were made of spaghetti. And it was well-cooked spaghetti with no chance of holding her up. “All?” She didn’t even recognise her voice. Disbelief, fear and uncertainty were not her usual tone. “Crystal too? And Jay?”


Dragon Blood 3: Surety

Opening her eyes, Amber found that nothing had changed. There was still a dragon skeleton, wired together so it stood in front of her. With a hand pressed against her throat, she took a shaky breath as she tried to figure out what it meant. Why did these things keep happening to her?


Dragon Blood 4: Knight

Amber trailed behind them, her gaze darting everywhere. When she found herself looking for escape routes and vantage points, she immediately stopped. It was a dinner. Not a battle. She had to stop expecting something to jump out from the shadows all the time. Nothing was going to get her. Besides, Chait was still guarding her from the Void so it wasn’t like she was unprotected. He wouldn’t be game to let anything happen to her. Ronan would hunt him down and rip out his heart if he failed to protect her.