Wyvern and Surety

DB02 Wyvern-s

As I promised last month, the five books of my Dragon Blood Series will be available by March 2015. Only because I don’t like to wait forever for the end of a continuing series so I couldn’t bring myself to put anyone else through that trauma. As of today ‘Dragon Blood 2: Wyvern’ and ‘Dragon Blood 3: Surety’ are available to purchase on Amazon while ‘Dragon Blood 4: Knight’ and ‘Dragon Blood 5: Mage’ are available for pre-order, coming out 18th March 2015.

In book two and three Amber discovers other dangerous secrets and learns more about the dragons’ world. Life continues to be precarious and fast paced for Amber with barely time for her to catch her breath. She struggles to accept the dragons’ belief in survival of the fittest, especially when is seems there is an endless list of those who want her dead. Assassins, wyverns, unknown enemies and possibly even an ally. Amber and Kade have a lot to face in the coming books.

You can find Dragon Blood 2: Wyvern and Dragon Blood 3: Surety on Amazon.