Realms Of The Fae 1: A Debt Owed


I can relate to Melody’s fear of spiders and how difficult it can be to face fear, regardless of what you’re afraid of. Many years ago when my oldest child was a baby, there was a large huntsman spider stalking towards her where she lay peacefully sleeping. Up to that point, I would stand as far as possible from a spider and spray them, well okay, drown them with spray and leave the dead body for whoever I managed to convince to dispose of it for me. I didn’t have that choice. There was no way I was going to let that spider get anywhere near my daughter. Grabbing her, I fled the room, escaping from the spider that was starting to appear bigger by the second. With my heart racing, I put my sleeping daughter in a safer location and tried to convince myself to return to her room so I could spray the spider. I wasn’t about to let it escape and hide somewhere so it could come out and get us later. Spiders are sneaky like that!

Realms Of The Fae 1: A Debt Owed has been one of the hardest books I’ve ever written because I used to be completely and utterly terrified of spiders. Now they just give me the creeps. While writing I had to tap into all those old fears, and to make matters worse I kept finding spiders everywhere. It was like they knew I was writing about them. My family were laughing about it and my oldest boy took over spider killing duties.

Melody is in a situation where some of her choices can bring her face to face with her fears. No matter what your fear is, you can overcome it. You just have to figure out what it is that will override your fear.

If you’re interested in learning whether or not Melody faces her fears, or if she finds ways to avoid them, Realms Of The Fae 1: A Debt Owed is now available on Amazon.