Forgive Me Aiden


The second book in my Plea Of The Damned series is now available. Even though they aren’t very long stories, they seem to take far more time to write than one would think for the size of them. Before I ever started the first story, I spent time researching schools that were in Brisbane before the 1960s and are still around today. I found several schools to focus my research on so I could gain a better understanding of how a school that had been around that long might look. The books aren’t set in a particular school, but I did draw on my research to create the school in the series.

Looking through the photos of the schools as they changed and grew over the years was fascinating. Seeing how the curriculum changed and the amount of students increased was equally interesting. I also spent time researching the fashion of the 1960s, not only online and in books, but also at the Queensland Museum. That trip had me wanting to make some of the clothes I saw, with a few alterations as I can never resist changing dressmaker patterns when I use them. Which is probably why I tend to make my own patterns a lot of the time.

I also wandered through Brisbane suburbs that suited the different settings in the series, scribbling notes for when I needed to add in some description. The amount of research that went into the Plea Of The Damned series is part of why it took so long to write each book. A good thing I love research and enjoy finding out all sorts of information I can use in my stories.

For those interested in reading more about the ghost, Jack, and the teenagers he needs to help, Plea Of The Damned 2: Forgive Me Aiden, is now available on Amazon.