Bring On 2016


Another year is ending and people are talking about New Year’s resolutions. I’ve always felt if a new habit needs forming, an old one needs breaking, or you wish to try something new, then don’t wait. We often say we’ll start something in the New Year, but when it arrives so many other things interrupt our plans. If it’s important to you, then start it the moment you decide you’d like to do it.

Now I’m sure some people are saying that’s impossible. What if you want to go on a holiday you can’t afford? How can you start that immediately? Some things take time to plan. You could work out your budget and how much you need to save. Research the location or learn some of the language if it’s a foreign country. Find places you want to see while you’re there. Does it have a different climate to where you live? Will you need clothes to suit that climate?

If something is important to you, don’t keep putting it off. Take the first steps towards attaining it instead of only dreaming about it. Dreams are much more fun when they’re lived.

Hope everyone had a great 2015 and all the best for the coming year. May 2016 be even better and your dreams become a reality.