Dragon Blood Chronicles 1: Oath

My children kept telling me I would write more books in the Dragon Blood world, that I hadn’t finished with it. Well, apparently they were right, because I kept having ideas about some of the other characters, wanting to tell their stories too. I didn’t know which story I wanted to tell next, there were so many ideas I was drawn to so I continued with my other series and stand alone novels.

Then one day I walked into a shop with hand blown glass items and discovered glass pens that had nibs made of solid glass. I dipped the nib of a pen into a pot of ink and the words flowed across the page, the feeling of the pen surprisingly smooth. The opening scene of ‘Oath’ was soon written and Roy had a new neighbour. Claire was about to discover a whole new world, one filled with Knights, Mages, dragons, magic and the impossible. I couldn’t wait to see how she’d react and what she’d do.

For those of you who have enjoyed Amber’s story, and have asked for more books set in that world, I hope you enjoy ‘Oath’ the first book in a companion series that tells the stories of some of her friends.

Dragon Blood Chronicles 1: Oath is now available on Amazon.