Demon Hunters 6: Feud

The main idea for Feud came to me some time ago. I saw the opening scene, part of the backstory also filling my mind. I wasn’t certain where it fit in the series. Not until partway through book five. Then I knew. As always, I couldn’t wait to get started and find out what would happen to the characters and where that opening scene would take them.

Aura has led an unusual life, one she hasn’t always appreciated. Her mum has gone from one fad to another, sometimes putting both of them in danger due to her haphazard approach to life. This time it isn’t her mum that brings disaster. It is someone Aura can usually count on to be one of the few sensible people she knows. I couldn’t wait to learn how Aura handled the changes in her life and the realisation that demons actually exist and she might be in more danger than she’d ever been in before.

Demon Hunters 6: Feud is now available on Amazon.