It’s that time of year I dread when the days are too cold for me and the nights make me feel like I’m not far off freezing. It’s time to pile all the blankets and doonahs on the bed and turn the heater on in the late afternoon so I’m not walking around the house in the evening with my breath misting the air in front of me. It’s the time of year when I start watching the calendar and counting the days until spring arrives. When the days will warm while not yet being those terribly scorching days of summer when I’ll be counting down until autumn comes.

There are many things I do love about this time of year. The way the morning fog nestles amongst the hills and mountains so it looks like islands out at sea. The vivid, clear, cloudless skies and the many flowers that are still in bloom on the aloes. We also tend to see more deer about, often coming up to the fence of our house paddock and occasionally entering it. And it’s also nice to be able to bring out some of my favourite blankets that it’s too hot to have on the bed during other times of the year. I also can’t forget jackets. I love being able to wear some of my favourite jackets.

Even though it’s too cold here and I look forward to spring, that doesn’t stop me from visiting colder places. Some things are worth braving. Like the cold weather when you want to visit somewhere that is best seen during winter.

So I’m looking forward to spring and after that, I’ll be looking forward to autumn. My two favourite seasons of the year. Which season, or seasons, do you prefer?

2 thoughts on “Winter

  1. Like you Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons. Living in North America it is somewhat disorienting to hear from my friends Down Under how cold it is! I wish I could send a little heat your way!

    1. I’d love to have slightly warmer days. And yes, it is a little odd when the weather is cold and others are talking about how hot it is. When I was living in North Queensland, years ago, I’d sometimes be talking to friends in Victoria and they’d be having a cold, rainy day while I was experiencing rain that in no way cooled the day off, only made it feel muggy. The climates of different areas are interesting.

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