Seven Years

This month I celebrated seven years since my first four books were released. Dragon Lord, Elf Sight, Demon Hunters 1: Blood Sacrifice and Through Your Eyes. I obviously didn’t stop there. Over the past seven years, I’ve released more than eighty titles. Over a hundred if you also count the lore and myth books that are part of the Guardians Of The Round Table series. I’ve written even more than that, with quite a few manuscripts still to go through the editing process somewhere down the track. So rest assure, there are more books to come.

To celebrate seven years, my first four books are on sale for $.99 throughout December, along with Cooking For Families With Allergies. Because what’s a celebration without food? And to that end, we’ve added a gluten free strawberry cake to the recipe book, extensively testing it to make sure it’s absolutely delicious.

So join me in celebrating. Have a slice of cake, sit back and relax and pick up one of the books that are currently on sale, most of which have never been on sale before. Then spend some time reading and losing yourself in another world and meeting new characters. Fen in Dragon Lord, Allie in Blood Sacrifice, Shadow in Elf Sight and Brenna in Through Your Eyes. Characters who often discover strengths they didn’t know they had when faced with situations they’ve never faced before.

You can find all five books at the following link: