Duke’s Courier

When I sat down to write the latest book in Assassins Of The Dead, I never expected it to go in the direction it did. I had a vague idea of what would happen and where the story would end up. A short way into the story, most of those ideas were scattered by the wayside and new ones were forming. They fit much better with where I wanted the story to go and created a few more ideas for future books. They also gave me ideas for another series. No wonder I never run out of ideas!

Luckily, the start of the story fit well with where it veered away from the original path and I was able to keep writing with only a minor amount of changes to take things in the new direction. There were a few of the original ideas remaining and they kept the early part relevant, seamlessly weaving their way through the new ideas all the way to the end.

I hope you enjoy Meikah’s latest exploits and enjoy learning more about where her journey will lead her and discovering along with her what it means to have her particular skills.

Assassins Of The Dead 5: Duke’s Courier is now available.