Choosing Your Genre

There are so many genres to choose from that it can be difficult to find which ones suits you best. The reason why most authors choose a single genre and stay in it is because it’s easier to market yourself, you can become well known in your field more quickly and readers like to know what to expect of their authors and don’t always read different genres. In saying all that, there’s no law against jumping from genre to genre. As long as you realise the drawbacks and are willing to accept that it’s a more difficult path to travel.


Write What You Love

What do you like to read? What TV shows do you watch? Which movies are you drawn to? If these are all in different genres, maybe there’s an underlying theme. Or even a type of main character that is drawing you in.


Pros And Cons

What happens if you read in nearly every genre and love aspects of each of those genres? You could write in all the genres you enjoy, but if you want to write in only one, a pros and cons list might help you decide. There are numerous points you could look at. Will you be bored with that genre after a couple of years? Is it marketable? Do you know enough about that genre and the expectations of those who read it? If not, are you interested in learning about that genre and reading widely in it? Can you create a unique cross genre out of several that you enjoy? If so, how would you market it?


Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway

Don’t avoid a genre that you’d love to write in because you don’t think you’re capable of writing in it or you’re worried what people might think about you. The genre you find most interesting may be the one you’ll write the best. If you don’t think you can write in it, then practice and learn more about it. That’s no reason to avoid a genre you feel drawn to. If you’re worried about what others will think of you, there is no reason why you can’t use a pseudonym. No one has to know what genre you’re writing in, or even that you do write, if you choose not to tell them.


Why Do You Write?

This can play a part in choosing the genre that’s right for you. If it’s financial gain, you might want to choose a genre that’s more marketable. Recognition? Then some genres have more awards available to them than others. Can’t stop writing? Then choose the genre or genres that you love. Write the stories that keep you awake at night, as they’re the ones that are most likely to keep your readers awake too.


Why Is Genre Important?

Genre is how many of your potential readers will find you. It will be used to market your stories and as a comparison to other books in your genre to help more readers find you. But if you can’t figure out which genre you should be writing in, don’t let that stop you writing. Still can’t pick a genre? You could try writing in all the different genres until you find the one or ones that you enjoy the most.


Can I Change My Mind?

Absolutely. Your readers might want to crucify you, but ultimately it’s your choice. Alternatively, you can write different genres under different pseudonyms.