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Realms Of The Fae: Heart Of Stone

Plagued by memories she struggles to understand, fearing for her sanity, questioning everything she thought she knew, Kinsley refuses to believe the Fae are real.

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Realms Of The Fae: Heart Of Stone

Genre: Young Adult Urban Fantasy

Word Count: 57,264

The last place Kinsley wants to be is stuck in the majestic old house which has been in her family for generations. It’s in the Australian bush with no electricity or phone and the only access to it is across a bridge. Unable to remember being there before, she’s plagued by memories she struggles to understand. Still recovering from her stepmother’s death, Kinsley starts to fear for her sanity again. She wants to return home. To a place where she’s never imagined Trolls under bridges or talked to crazy people who insist the Fae are real. She fears the secrets of the past that are slowly unravelling, making her question everything she thought she knew.

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