Privacy Policy And Cookies

Privacy Policy

This website does not collect sensitive personal data and only collects a minimum of personal data necessary to the running of the website and subscriber’s newsletter. (See below regarding emails sent to Avril Sabine.)

Your personal data will only be collected and used when:

  • There are lawful grounds to do so, including to comply with legal obligations
  • For performing a contract with you for services
  • There is a legitimate interest in using your personal data and your interests and fundamental rights do not override those interests

You control any personal data collected through consent and the withdrawing of that consent if you wish to no longer receive newsletters keeping you informed of details such as upcoming releases, new releases and exclusive news.

Your privacy is taken seriously and as such your personal data is not sold, rented or given to third parties with the exception of Aweber who is used to securely store your email address and send a newsletter twice a month if you give your consent to receive it. When you unsubscribe, you have the right to be forgotten and your email address will be permanently deleted before the next newsletter is sent.

If you have posted comments on blog posts and wish to have the comments removed, this can be done by contacting admin (at) avrilsabine (dot) com and using the email address you used when posting comments. When emailing, list the specific posts you wish deleted.

Business emails are kept for as long as necessary for legal and tax purposes. When they are no longer required for either of these purposes they are deleted.

Avril tends to keep personal emails or emails related to a book or character you have enjoyed and where possible will reply to them. She prefers not to delete something you have taken the time to write and share with her and enjoys receiving emails from readers. You may of course request that your emails be deleted, but Avril will be disappointed she will be unable to look back on any of these heartfelt messages in the future.



Like most websites, this site uses a handful of cookies that allows the website to function properly. They are not for collecting personal data. You may disable these cookies through your browser function. It will effect how not only this website functions, but also other websites you visit.