Need to refresh your memory before you start the next book? Read Mallory’s notebook entries recapping the previous adventures, go over the stats and see which quests have been completed and are still available. The recap pages will contain spoilers for the book they refer to, but there will be warnings at the start of all pages containing spoilers so you don’t accidentally stumble across any and risk ruining your enjoyment of the series.


The following links contain spoilers for books of the Guardians Of The Round Table series.

Recap of Book 1: Dexterity Fail.

Recap Of Book 2: Goblin Boots.

Recap Of Book 3: Singed Feathers

Recap Of Book 4: Frog Mage

Recap Of Book 5: Crystal Mine

Recap Of Book 6: Cursed Harp

Recap Of Book 7: Treasure Seeker